A source of Joy?

Pregnancy is often both a source of happiness and stress for many expecting mothers. In the journey towards childbirth and motherhood, mental health problems such as anxiety and depression are more common than realised. Tending to a mother's mental health is beneficial in ensuring long-term well-being for the mother as well as the child. 

A Focus on Wellbeing

A wellness based approach during the 1000 day period from conception till the child is 2 yrs old, can reduce the risks of poor birth and health outcomes (WHO). In fact, it can benefit the infant's cognitive, motor-neuron and emotional development. Thunai's approach is preventive care and pre-emptive screening. Awareness, self-monitoring, family support and addressing high risk mothers can help lay the foundation for a healthy future generation. 


Foundation for Child's Future

Besides the obvious benefit of ensuring the mother does not suffer, addressing a mother's mental health lays a good foundation for the child's future. We now know how lack of care impacts the child's learning and cognitive abilities and future mental health.

Thunai's approach to Maternal Wellness

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Thunai's approach to Maternal Wellness

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5 Tips to Support Yourself

Sharing your feelings especially when you are feeling low with someone who cares, learning to ask for help, learning to care for yourself, lowering your expectations and learning to use breath for lowering your stress - these are simple tips for your mental health!