Self Care through Body Therapies

Self Care is consciously learning to nurture and care for yourself. It is Self Love with an actual routine or practice of skills that re-balance your nervous system, allow you to handle the negativity of your thinking and create a safe place within you.

This anchoring is very important as you pursue your healing journey. You will not be thrown about by every trigger or stressful situation. You will find your confidence about handling life in general and your mental state in particular. While it is not a straight and linear path, you will progress overtime if you persist.

Science based Practices

When done on a regular basis as an adjunct to professional therapy, these body-based Self Care practices can literally rewire your brain (according to modern science).

Here we have selected self care practices that are scientifically proven to aid in neurogeneration, synaptic connections - which have a huge impact on negative affects of trauma and depression. Please contact us at if you are interested in seeing the relevant science journal articles.

Why Body Therapies?

Growing Neuroscience Evidence

Body based, bottoms-up therapies are a great compliment to the cognitive therapies and psychiatric treatments. They work by allowing clients to cope with distress and intense emotions and overcome instinctive defense mechanisms. They supplement cognitive, top-down therapies by giving the cognitive therapist "space" to work with dysfunctional thinking patterns.

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