You Are Not Alone

Trauma impacts the entire human organism - body, mind and brain. The emotional response to overwhelming experiences that are stressful, frightening, or distressing is Trauma. Every individual reacts to trauma differently, for some they would feel physically threatened or frightened, for some they might be in denial or shock. See the videos below to know more.

The Good News

You can heal from past abuse trauma and you can have a normal life. This does not absolve the abuse or the abuser. But it puts the power over your life back in your hands, away from the memories and the abuser/perpetrator.

"I am able to lead a near normal life now. I still have intense feelings of anxiety and fear, but have learnt skills to manage them better. i am confident that i will not allow the past trauma to affect my future".

Rosy - Child abuse survivor.

Impact of Abuse/Sexual Violence

Lets understand first

Abuse and violence leave their marks on our mood, well being and behaviour. Understanding them is the first step to recovery. Recovery is possible. Recent neuroscience advances point to the effectiveness of cognitive and body therapies used in tandem (the mind-body approach).

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Courage to Heal - Book Highlights

This book was written 40 years back and is still a Bible for survivors in their healing journey. Ellen Boss and Laura Davis take us through the different stages of coming to terms with what happened and the healing process.

It comes with a lot of practical tips for you, your family and therapists. A Number of inspiring stories as well.