What is Talk Therapy?

And what can it do for me?

Talk therapy involves talking to a trained professional therapist about your mental health issues. The therapist provides a confidential, non-judgmental space to share your thoughts and feelings and to explore solutions. He/she would employ a number of techniques to help you gain insight into your mental states and teach you skills to reduce your suffering and improve your well being.  The therapist is licensed and your information is legally protected.  With the right therapist, you would find a comforting alliance and empowering self-growth. 

How do i find a therapist?

Psychotherapy is a growing field and more talented men and women are studying psychology and becoming therapists. You can find a therapist near where you live or work through websites such as practo.com . We hope to bring you a directory as well very soon. Use Thunai articles and blogs section under Resources menu to read up about how to approach therapy and what can you expect in a therapy session.  Also listen to the podcast "Unfolding Conversations" where we highlight therapy related issues. 

Podcast - Unfolding Conversations

Conversations about therapy and mental health

We aim to bring to you a select group of mental health related podcasts - by our team as well as by other renowned podcasters. Open conversation about mental health and trauma is the first step to overcoming the stigma society attaches to this genuine, human problem.

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