Story Telling Therapy

A method for Psychological Counselling, Life coaching and Personality Development
Interactive talk about "Storytelling Therapy" by Dr. Eric Miller. We can learn how to use storytelling with our clients, our children and even ourselves. This session is meant for mental health practitioners, educators, trainers, life coaches, parents, people in the arts, students and anyone who is interested to know more about using the arts for healing , growing and well-being.

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Thank you for finding the courage to embark on your trauma healing journey! Thunai aims to be your trusted companion.

We aim to provide information on evidence-based treatments in Tamil and English. Emerging science is emphasising a holistic, body-mind integrative treatment approach for trauma and depression. This website integrates all therapeutic approaches in one place for you. We also bring leading experts on Trauma through our webinars and workshops.

Come here to learn about skills you can practice by yourself to build your resilience. Caregivers and families can also benefit from the resources and practices.  A better life is indeed possible!

Recovery is Possible - Hear the Experts!

Latest Neuroscience shows how healing can happen
Advances in neuroscience is revolutionising the treatment for trauma and depression. Hear the leading experts from around the world talk about our innate ability to heal from trauma and how mind body therapies play a pivotal role.

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